3Cinteractive innovates business processes using mobile technology.

Switchblade: Mobile Services and Mobile Payment Solutions

Creating meaningful engagement with your consumers requires mobile services that provide relevant context to who your consumer is, where they are, when and how to engage them – and the tools to turn that engagement into revenue.

Payment Center
Drive secure mobile payments via credit card, card on file and carrier billing with Switchblade’s Payment Center. Our PCI-DSS 2.0 certification and integration with payment processors and risk management providers allow you to safely process payments through virtually any mobile application.


Location-Based Services
Who says LBS is only for smartphone and native apps? Switchblade's Location Based Services can access a consumer’s location regardless of the network or device type. Using carrier network-based location and GPS, 3C™ can help you locate your customers through pinpoint location, latitude/longitude coordinates or geo-fencing proximities.

Consumer Authentication
Completing high-value transactions on the mobile device requires knowing your customer’s privacy and security are being protected. Switchblade’s Consumer Authentication services leverage technologies like two-factor and knowledge-based authentication to ensure you and your customer know who is on the other end of a mobile app.

Consumer Authentication App
attributes application

Consumer Attributes
Knowing your customer is the best way to drive valuable consumer engagement. Switchblade’s Consumer Attributes features allow you to capture and store your customer’s demographic information, interaction preferences and usage habits across mobile app channels so you can make “right-time” decisions with consumer engagement.