3Cinteractive Announces Licensing Availability of its RCS Engagement Platform

By: 3C News & Events – September 12, 2018

Today, 3Cinteractive (3C), the leading provider of rich communication services (RCS) announced an expansion of its RCS Engagement Platform — enabling MNOs, aggregators, agencies, and enterprises to license the platform to create compelling experiences that drive end user engagement through messaging.  Expanding on its multi-tenant hosted solution, 3C is releasing a new version of its platform which can be deployed in private cloud and on-premise environments.  3C has already partnered with several key operators globally to deploy this new version regionally where RCS has been launched.

The first purpose-built platform of its kind, 3C’s RCS Engagement Platform simplifies the complexities involved in delivering rich, value-driving RCS experiences.  Supporting Universal Profile 2.0 and 2.2 features, and connecting to multiple MaaP platforms, it is already used to power numerous brands’ RCS campaigns.  Consumers are responding positively, stating that campaigns delivered from the platform were more likely to have them shop with a brand than campaigns run via SMS. The RCS Engagement Platform creates the ability for brands to drive conversational interfaces that promote consumer engagement and loyalty, drive customer service, or provide transactional notifications.

The platform enables the creation of complex RCS-based chatbots for both brand-initiated and consumer-initiated campaigns, which harness the full capabilities of RCS.  An embedded content management system allows for the creation and management of RCS assets for use within campaigns. Intelligent fallback capabilities enable the platform to bridge the RCS/SMS gap during the transitional period to ensure messages are delivered and displayed correctly, regardless of the consumer’s device.

“At 3C, we are laser-focused on accelerating the deployment of RCS,” said Mike FitzGibbon, president of 3Cinteractive. “With this release, we are now able to extend the reach of our platform and bring the exciting new features of RCS mainstream.”

A much-anticipated upgrade to the current SMS experience, Rich Communication Services (RCS) is quickly becoming the global messaging standard with over 50 carriers in 40 countries having launched this new technology, and more launching in the coming months. With over 167 million monthly active users of RCS services using the technology worldwide, consumers are already embracing this new technology.

You can learn more about RCS here or email 3C at info@3C.com.


About 3C:

Fortune 500 companies rely on 3Cinteractive (3C) for its dynamic technical and strategic expertise in mobile technology and solutions. Founded in 2007, 3C has built an unparalleled, cloud-based platform delivering flexibility, security, speed, scale and reliability for its clients.

From delivering information and driving unique one-to-one interactions, to facilitating valuable mobile commerce transactions, 3C builds lasting partnerships based on trusted solutions to deliver measurable business results for brands.

For the past two years, 3C has been working side-by-side with the GSMA and global carriers to develop the MaaP ecosystem to make RCS the preferred channel for brand marketers and delivered the first RCS Business Messaging campaigns in North America earlier this year.


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