3Cinteractive Forecasts Exponential Growth in U.S. RCS-Enabled Mobile Devices

By: 3C News & Events – October 24, 2018

RCS Business Messaging is on its way to replacing SMS as the go-to messaging channel for direct, 1:1 brand-to-consumer communications. Launched by 62 operators in 45 countries and more than 40 operator launches scheduled over the next 12 months, RCS is quickly transforming carrier-based mobile messaging into a rich digital communication platform for enterprise brands and operators across the globe.

Combining the richness of the app experience with the ubiquity of traditional SMS, RCS allows enterprise brands to more easily reach their consumers with the intimacy and functionality consumers have come to expect from other digital channels, including brand apps and third-party messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. All this from within the native messaging client pre-installed on the consumer’s mobile device.

As RCS programs gain momentum across industries with more brands deploying programs and joining the new RCS chatbot directory, a very important question remains in the minds of many: When will RCS reach scale?

In our RCS forecast recently published during MWC Americas, we anticipate nearly 147mm RCS-enabled devices to be in market in the U.S. by the end of 2019.

3C Forecast for U.S. Market Penetration of RCS-enabled Devices

“We’re thrilled by the success of the RCS programs we’ve developed with our clients,” said John Duffy, founder and CEO of 3C. “We’re predicting 2019 to be a tremendous year for RCS and are looking forward to the upcoming carrier deployments and device releases.”

As RCS reaches scale within the next 12 months and continues to add more integrations such as mobile payments, brands will continue to realize the power of RCS to transform messaging from an effective communication tool into a vital channel for conversational commerce.

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