Apple Business Chat: 5 Key Features Brands Should Be Using

By: 3C The Messenger – February 4, 2020

Since its launch in 2018, Apple Business Chat has opened a new door for brands to communicate with their customers. The value of this channel has proven worthwhile: It’s customer-initiated, contained within the native iOS messaging app, and consumers have the control to dictate when and how they interact—leaving them feeling in charge of the conversation after a positive brand experience.

Apple Business Chat is equipped with impressive, rich messaging features that make chatting more than a back and forth text exchange. When used properly, these features can make Apple Business Chat an indispensable tool. Let’s examine five powerful features of Apple Business Chat and why they’re beneficial to brands.

List Picker

Apple Business Chat’s list picker empowers users by providing them with easy and intuitive options. Brands can configure their message flows to send a message bubble that contains a prebuilt list of options. Once the user selects an option, a pop-up window appears—encouraging the user to stay within the conversation. The list allows for single and multiple selections, image selection, and can be set up to display three or more options within the same list.

With list picker, brands have plenty of room for creativity with the ability to provide menu actions, enable customers to customize a product, or even educate users through a quiz. With easy “tap-to-text” options, engagements are meaningful, successful, and efficient for both the customer and the brand.

Time Picker

Through the time picker feature, users can schedule time-based events like appointments and deliveries with an interactive inline window of options similar to the list picker. Given a list of available time slots based on availability, the user can choose the option that works best for them. Instead of being launched to a website or having to type out a date and time, the user can pick a time slot with just a simple tap of a button. Through proper use of the time picker, brands can deflect customer calls relating to appointment or delivery scheduling and enable customer services to run more smoothly at the convenience of the customer.

Apple Pay

Conversational commerce oftentimes leads users out of the messaging flow and onto a webpage via weblink to complete a purchase. In contrast, Apple Business Chat’s Apple Pay feature provides in-line payments from within the messaging flow—creating a frictionless commerce process for both the brand and consumer. A user can quickly provide all necessary information for payment, shipping, and everything between. If Apple Pay is set up, Face ID or Touch ID securely completes the transaction. Backed by the securities of Apple Pay, customers can feel confident that their information remains protected and uncompromised.

Rich Links

Rich links enable brands to send interactive links and videos to customers without taking them out of the conversation. With inline previews, videos can be played in the chat and links can be launched without going to the default mobile web browser. Keeping the user within the conversation is almost always the best-case scenario for any customer experience—creating a more robust chat with a customer. Videos are excellent tools to educate, motivate, and entertain customers. The capability to play them inline enriches the conversation and almost guarantees that the user views it. Inline previews of web links are also important elements of messaging with customers and drive engagement—adding a special element to the chat without disrupting the flow of the conversation.

Custom Extensions

The app drawer for iMessage equips users with a wide variety of options for messaging, from sharing gifs to sending money to a friend. Brands are able to create a custom extension in the app drawer that launches their Apple Business Chat chatbot. If a customer has the brand’s app downloaded, it will also be displayed here to make starting a conversation with the brand even easier. Through this custom extension, the brand is displayed in a highly visible area that can invite more dialogue with the customer, especially when it’s needed the most in cases such as customer service or commerce.

Apple Business Chat is an excellent tool in any brand’s customer service toolbox. It empowers the customer to have their needs taken care of while helping brands to become more efficient.

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