Automating Customer Care with Text Messaging

By: 3C The Messenger – July 23, 2019

There are certain situations in life that make us flat out infuriated: stubbing your pinky toe, getting cut off on the highway, and, worst of all, experiencing a mishandled customer service issue. Any unresolved issue can make even the most patient person hot with anger. On top of that, waiting a few minutes or more just to connect to a customer service agent and then needing to explain the situation in full can seem like you’re burning precious time you’ll never get back. That’s where automating customer care can help.

A digitally-dependent generation is rapidly dominating the demographic landscape of today’s world and they want instantaneous answers to their inquiries. Need to return an item but don’t know how? Sure, but you’ll have to wait 5-10 minutes to connect to a service agent who’ll direct likely you to the brand’s webpage detailing the return process. Not only are customers feeling that their time is being wasted seeking answers to simple questions but call centers have to use valuable resources to cater to these types of inquiries. Is there an easier way? In a word: Yes!

Customer care automation is being implemented by brands and enterprises to enhance their customer experience strategies. Any commonly asked question can be answered in a matter of seconds. Businesses are reaping the benefits from automating customer service via messaging channels. Customers are pleased to receive a quick answer to a quick question. Call centers run more efficiently focusing on pressing customer service problems. A solution that empowers customers and saves call center resources? That’s customer care automation. And, there are several ways it can be implemented. Start simple to build momentum and progress to more complex mobile messaging technologies as the program begins to mature. Let’s examine three automation technologies from the most basic to the most innovative. Take note of how each one lays the foundation for a successful customer care automation program.

Keyword-Based Automation

Start with Keyword-Based Automation to launch a fledgling automated customer care program. It’s the easiest way to get started and get a foot in the door. How does it work? A customer sends a unique keyword to a short or long code and receives a reply corresponding to their inquiry. Simple as that.

Natural Language Processing

Add Natural Language Processing (NLP) to progress a customer care automation program to more advanced capabilities. NLP uses a lot more technological muscle power than keyword-based automation. By processing language structure, the chatbot analyzes a sentence and reciprocates a reply to the user. NLP drives customer engagement and broadens opportunities to expand a customer care automation program.

RCS Business Messaging

Enable a complete, robust, innovative mobile messaging technology in Rich Communication Services (RCS) to fully enhance any customer care automation program. RCS provides an enriched experience using NLP, rich media, and unlimited character space, to name a few. This is the future of messaging and it’s here, enabled on smartphones across the globe.

So What?

Automating customer care comes with great benefits to the brand and the consumer. Call centers will receive less calls for minor matters, thus reducing operating costs. Automated customer care is personalized making it a prime avenue to upsell products and services, consequently increasing revenue. The ease and convenience of automated customer care improves customer retention and attracts customers. A brand that knows how to take care of its customers and make them happy will also inspire brand loyalty.

To learn more about the key strategies to customer care automation, download our guide here.


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