COVID-19: Communicating with Your Customers and Employees Through Effective Digital Channels

By: 3C The Messenger – March 26, 2020

We have entered into a period of tremendous turmoil and uncertainty as the world grapples with the rapidly evolving effects of COVID-19. Like you and countless other businesses across the world, we have enacted our business continuity plan and instituted a number of measures to protect our employees, their families, our clients, and our partners.

We have transitioned to a fully operational virtual workforce and are leaning on our experience in handling previous business-disrupting events to make sure we are able to support brands and enterprises throughout the course of this pandemic and provide continuity of our services at all times.

In uncertain times, communication is key. As a global leader in digital cloud communications, we provide critical communication solutions that drive operational efficiencies and customer service for our clients across the world.

Our platform was built to support high-volume, mission-critical communications, and the experience we’ve gathered throughout the years has brought us a great deal of expertise in quickly deploying large-scale, timely communication solutions.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been able to help a number of operators and clients use our tools differently to quickly solve new challenges created by COVID-19.

While technology alone can’t overcome these challenges, we’ve found the following use cases to be the most helpful and effective during these times:

  • Broadcast Alerts & Notifications: Proactively update your customers or employees across more than 10 communication channels (SMS, email, WhatsApp, In-App push etc.)
  • Interactive, Two-way Notifications: Inform employees or customers about service disruptions or changes and allow them to reply or respond via the same communication channel.
  • Remote Work for Social Distancing: Allow your customer service agents to remain operational from home with easy access to a unified agent desktop.
  • Managing Increased Contact Volume: Mitigating customer service wait times with proactive notifications and prompts via IVR or “Call Back” requests.

In times of crisis and fast cycles of communication planning, it’s important to remember best practices and tips and to stick to the basics. Below are some of our most popular blogs that we’ve shared in the past that would be helpful in navigating this time of transition.

We know you may be faced with new challenges in order to better communicate with your customers or employees. Whether you’re a current client or an enterprise business looking for guidance during this time, you can contact us here at any time. We’re here to help however we can.


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