DTC Brands Choose RCS to Power Conversational Commerce — Here’s Why

By: 3C The Messenger – April 16, 2019

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands have certainly become the disruptive force in retail these days—changing not only the way consumers physically shop and buy products, but also the dynamics between how brands and consumers interact. They understand that owning the conversation with customers is key to their success and they have been aggressively pursuing and nurturing these relationships.

These “digital natives” have built their businesses by being nimble and forward-thinking, leveraging the latest in digital and mobile technologies in order to win market share from big, traditionally slow-to-adopt retailers.  Their early adoption of new technologies is sure to pay off, as eMarketer has recently forecasted that by 2021 over 50% of all eCommerce sales in North America will come from mobile.

This shift in spending also clearly demonstrates how consumer behavior is changing, as more and more consumers become comfortable with communicating and transacting with brands through mobile. In fact, 69% of consumers prefer chatbots for quick communication with brands (Salesforce).

Given all of this, it’s no surprise leading DTC brands including BarkBox, Helix Sleep and Warby Parker have turned to the next-generation of mobile messaging, RCS, to drive conversational commerce and leverage its unique advantages over other messaging channels. Here’s why:

  • RCS cuts out the middleman–allowing a direct, one-to-one conversation with customers.
  • RCS requires no downloads or updates by taking advantage of the native messaging application pre-installed on phones.
  • RCS allows brands to deliver a branded, rich media experience that enables true conversational commerce.

RCS enables brands to create engaging conversations with their customers across an endless spectrum of use cases—from on demand customer service and transactional messaging to true conversational commerce.

Early results from in-market trials have shown some pretty staggering results, with some trials showing increased conversions by 140% when compared to traditional channels and SMS. Consumer feedback on the channel has also been very positive with 62% of consumers preferring the experience over plain SMS, according to a recent survey from 3C.

So What?  RCS will be a game-changer for brands to create rich, interactive, one-to-one engagements with their customers through mobile. Will you be ready?


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