High engagement, low opt-outs: Express shares RCS campaign results

By: 3C The Messenger – November 29, 2018

In February 2018, we partnered with Express to launch the first-ever RCS messaging campaign in North America. As the first brand and retailer to offer RCS to their customers, Express was looking to transform the mobile experience for their customers—and transform they did.

Recently, Kate Jung, Director of Loyalty, Mobile & Partnerships at Express, sat down to speak with the GSMA at MWC Americas about the impact their RCS business messaging campaign has had so far on their business. You can view the video here:

Some key highlights include how the addition of RCS messaging to their customer engagement mix has proven to be extremely effective for Express. The campaign has returned very high engagement rates and has exceeded Express benchmarks for loyalty engagement—their highest benchmark. Additionally, the program saw very low opt out rates. In fact, opt out rates for the RCS campaign were the lowest out of any Express campaign to-date.

Additionally, early feedback from customers has been extremely encouraging. Response from a post campaign survey has shown high favorability among customers, with 60% of Express RCS customers saying they prefer RCS to SMS. Customers also said that they found RCS to be intuitive, innovative, helpful and timely.

A much-anticipated improvement to the current SMS experience, Rich Communication Services (RCS) has been launched by 62 operators in 45 countries and several more are expected to launch in the coming months. With more than 167 million active monthly users worldwide already embracing this new messaging technology, RCS is quickly becoming the global messaging standard.

You can learn more about RCS here.



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