Keys to RCS Business Messaging Success: What We’ve Learned

By: 3C The Messenger – November 21, 2019

RCS, as a whole, is poised to become the world’s largest messaging channel by 2021. By that time, it’s expected that there will be more than 2 billion RCS users worldwide—accounting for nearly half of all smartphones. As it relates to RCS Business Messaging success, this type of growth in users is exactly what enterprise brands want to see in order to take RCS seriously as a communication channel.

RCS has the potential, in both reach and functionality, to enable true conversational commerce and become the communication channel of choice for brands and enterprises. So what can our industry do to help fuel this growth? Here are several key areas we, as an industry, must address in order to propel RCS into the future.

Better Reach

Brands are loving the results from early campaigns, but they’d like to cast a wider net. In order to get more brands to invest in RCS, the ecosystem needs to ensure brands that they’ll be able to reach more than a limited subset of their customers.

Ubiquity in Features

It’s more important than ever for brands to deliver a cohesive customer experience across channels. Disparities in UI, inconsistent experience in chatbot discoverability, and general support of UP features can be pain points for brands.

Payments Integration

As we continue toward our shared vision of RCS Business Messaging and Conversational Commerce, it’s imperative we make headway with native payments integration—leveraging Google Pay and Samsung Pay and others.

Chatbot Discoverability

Our data shows customers who use RCS love RCS. As an industry, we must find ways to make it easier for customers to not only know it’s available to them, but where and how they can start conversations with their favorite brands.

Commercial Pricing Models

To this point, it’s been somewhat of a no-brainer for brands and enterprises to agree to launch an RCS chatbot—with carriers and MaaPs waiving costs to get started. But how do we develop a pricing model that works for the whole industry?

Reporting and Analytics

It’s now a data-driven world. By giving brands and enterprises more detailed insight into the performance of their RCS chatbots, we can make it easy to invest in the channel and allow these brands to put more legacy data to work.

So what?

Our industry continues to make tremendous progress with the advancement of RCS Business Messaging. We fully believe in RCS fulfilling its potential in becoming the future of mobile, but it will take a concerted effort from our entire ecosystem for RCS to reach its true value.


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