RCS Chatbot Directory Unlocks New Opportunities for Mobile Consumer Engagement

By: 3C The Messenger – October 16, 2018

As RCS continues to make great strides in becoming the global standard for carrier-based messaging and providing a new opportunity for brands to communicate with consumers, a new brand discovery experience has emerged: The RCS chatbot directory.

Figure 1: The RCS Chatbot Directory

Launched by AT&T and Samsung to a growing number of capable devices, consumers can now discover brands and launch an RCS-enabled chat through a new directory embedded in the native messaging client. Examples of customer experiences include clipping coupons to loyalty cards, shopping the latest trends and securing tickets for upcoming events—all within the native messaging client! No app to download or update.

As brands continue to seek direct, 1:1 customer communication methods, the RCS chatbot directory creates an enormous opportunity for brands to extend their reach and drive acquisition, retention and loyalty without having to rely on the advertising-sponsored third party channels such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp that intermediate the relationship.

“With the launch of the RCS chatbot directory, brands now have access to new beachfront real estate on the mobile device. We see this as the new app store,” says John Duffy, CEO of 3C. “Consumers can proactively seek out chatbots and engage with their favorite brands on their own terms. And these conversations with brands are intimately kept right alongside conversations with friends and family on the app we all use most frequently—the native text messaging app.”

With RCS forecasted to be available on nearly 147mm devices by the end of 2019, brands will want to get into the directory now to fine tune their experiences in order to capitalize on this tremendous customer engagement opportunity.



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