Report: Consumers Say Most Important Feature of Mobile Loyalty Program Is Personalization

By: 3C The Messenger – May 11, 2018

Over the last three years, survey data from our annual mobile loyalty reports has shown a steady increase in loyalty program growth—almost 50% of brands on average report that their loyalty membership has increased year-over-year. With a majority of brands citing the addition of mobile components as a significant contributor to growth, it’s clear that brands who invest in mobile are seeing results in activating traditional acquisition touchpoints to drive new loyalty signups and strengthen customer engagement.

This year, we again surveyed US brands and consumers on their preferences for loyalty engagement and where brands are seeing opportunities for growth and improvement. One thing was clear from this year’s report: Brands and consumers agree—personalization is key.

53% of consumers say that personalization of loyalty communications is the most important feature of a mobile-enabled loyalty program, and brands are listening. One third of brands surveyed said they see tackling the challenge of big data and personalization as the next big opportunity for their loyalty programs. While brands may have tremendous amounts of data on their customers in various loyalty, CRM, and eCommerce systems, it can be a challenge to access this data and put it to use to drive personalized, relevant offers. However, solving this challenge will prove to be crucial in capitalizing on the personalization opportunity.

Additionally, our 2018 survey data revealed that consumers place considerable value in knowing their current loyalty points balance — enough that it would lead to more purchases and visits. However, it’s an area where brands seem to be lacking and could improve for a quick win with customers. 94% of consumers say that timely updates on points balances would drive more purchases or visits, but only 7% of brands say they use mobile to deliver notifications such as points balances.

Other findings:

  • 66% of consumers say they may sign up for a loyalty program if the sign up process was more simplified via text messaging
  • 63% of consumers say too much information and inconvenient timing is the top barrier to signing up for a loyalty program
  • Only 18% of consumers say they know how many loyalty points they have for their favorite brands
  • 29% of brands say integration with virtual assistants is the next big opportunity for their loyalty program

On top of this new data, the 2018 Mobile Loyalty Report also addresses how brands are implementing new tactics to reach consumers on their mobile devices and offers insights into developing a roadmap for enhancing the personalization of mobile-enabled loyalty programs.

You can read the full 2018 Mobile Loyalty Report here.

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