Understanding RCS and Why it Matters to Marketers

By: Chris Michaud The Messenger – December 15, 2017

With the upcoming launches of RCS pilot programs here in the US. and with so much buzz surrounding RCS and what these launches signify for the future of mobile consumer engagement, we wanted to share our Top 5 reasons why RCS will matter to brand marketers.

1 – Ubiquity

While it has not yet reached general availability, RCS is seen as the long-awaited upgrade to SMS—the technology that already connects marketers to nearly every consumer’s mobile device. And RCS is growing rapidly, with over 50 global carriers and 138MM consumers already enabled. 2018 will be the year that RCS powers the messaging experience on mobile devices.

2 – App-like Features

From scrollable carousels, to media-rich cards and suggested replies, RCS almost looks and feels like traditional native apps—making it far more immersive and engaging than traditional SMS or MMS.

3 – Integration

RCS integrates seamlessly with other applications on the mobile device such as maps and calendars—allowing customers to accomplish more without disruption the message flow.

Customers can move seamlessly between tasks, saving time and reducing friction.

4 – Conversational Commerce

Through integration with payment options such as mobile wallet and card-on-file, RCS can enable customers to purchase products or make payments directly within the messaging application—reducing friction and increasing conversion for brands. Messaging can move from being a notification and engagement service, to a revenue-generating storefront on its own.

5 – Chatbots

The concept of chatbots has been almost unanimously well-received, except for one glaring issue: how do customers find your chatbot? Since RCS doesn’t require the customer to install another app, and brand verification is baked into the standard, RCS is poised to break down the barriers to chatbot adoption and drive some very meaningful use cases.

These are just a few of the reasons RCS is poised to cause major disruption in mobile not seen since the app store opened. Marketers will want to pay close attention and start early in adopting this technology to take advantage. You can learn more about RCS here or you can download our latest RCS whitepaper “Understanding RCS and Why It Matters to Marketers”.


Chris Michaud

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