Walgreens and 3C Showcase the Future of Prescription Notifications with RCS Messaging at Mobile World Congress 2019

By: 3C News & Events – February 22, 2019

Next week at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019, 3C will be teaming up with brand-client Walgreens to showcase the future of prescription notifications using the next generation of mobile messaging—Rich Communication Services (RCS)—delivering a richer, more engaging experience for the customer while seamlessly enabling a more personalized conversation.

The program takes advantage of key RCS messaging functionality including rich cards and suggested replies, creating a more engaging and frictionless experience for the consumer. For example, through the Walgreens RCS chatbot, customers can receive alerts when their prescription is ready to be refilled, which the customer can respond to using the suggested replies. Customers are also notified when their prescription is ready to be picked up or is delayed. Additional suggested replies assist the customer to receive help or call customer support—all within the messaging stream.

The Walgreens RCS chatbot was built using 3C’s RCS Engagement Platform—the first, purpose-built platform of its kind designed to simplify the complexities involved in delivering rich, value-driving RCS experiences. Supporting Universal Profile 2.0 and 2.2 features and connecting to multiple MaaP platforms, the platform currently powers numerous RCS chatbots for world-class brands.

For anyone who will be attending Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019 next week, please stop by GSMA Innovation City to see this experience for yourself as well as other RCS use cases by leading brands like Express and Kroger.

You can learn more about RCS here.


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