Data and Analytics

Gather the insights you need to understand your customers across the entire RCS engagement.

Get to know your customer.

With RCS, you now have access to the ubiquity of SMS with the insights of web analytics or mobile apps — giving you a much deeper understanding of the intent and habits of your customers.

From data as simple as read receipts, to as in-depth as customer flow analysis, we’ve got the tools you need to build RCS into a predictable, revenue-driving channel for your business.


Manage incoming and outgoing interactions for a deeper look into user acquisition and message volume trends over time.

  • Total sent, read, unread, received
  • Opt-in and opt-out
  • Message delivery status

Uncover insights into how your customers are interacting with your messages including link activity and response rates.

  • Conversations: Current, total, new, average per user
  • Session metrics: Sessions per user, session time per user, messages per session
  • Link activity and intent
Customer Journey

Measure the success of your mobile program, optimize your workflows and make data-driven decisions for smarter messaging.

  • Click through and fall-off points
  • Goal completion
  • User satisfaction
  • Traditional funnel analysis

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