The Chatbot Consumer Report

A deep-dive into what your customers expect and what it means for your brand.

Chatbots are not a new concept, but with the launch of chatbots on Facebook Messenger, chatbots are in high demand and have created a tremendous opportunity for B2C brands.

But, what exactly is the opportunity for brand marketers and chatbots? Are consumers ready for chatbots? And if so, what are consumers expecting from chatbots? To help answer these questions, 3C surveyed* U.S. consumers about chatbots — their experience using them and what types of tasks they expect chatbots to complete.

Download our Chatbot Consumer Report to deep-dive into

  • 3C’s recent chatbot survey results and what they mean for brand marketers
  • How chatbots impact consumer loyalty habits
  • Tips and tools for getting started with chatbots

*Research conducted using Toluna QuickSurveys, powered by Toluna

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