Co-pay Assistance Solutions and Programs
that Improve Existing Program Effectiveness and Drive ROI

3C's Co-pay Assistance Solutions and Programs use mobile marketing technology to improve the efficacy of existing co-pay programs and drive higher ROI

Improve Efficacy and Drive ROI

3C’s Co-pay Assistance Solutions and Programs leverage highly-responsive mobile technology to improve the efficacy of existing co-pay assistance programs and drive higher ROI. Through our robust mobile marketing services, 3C helps drive co-pay assistance program acquisition and enrollment, simplify prescription refills, and boost medical adherence and education to produce better patient outcomes.

Effective Co-pay Assistance Solutions
and Proven Technology

Co-pay Enrollment
Increase program reach, acquisition and activation prior to first prescription fill and automate patient pre-authorization

Mobile Wallet Co-pay Cards
Increase co-pay redemption and accessibility with Add-to-Wallet functionality

Location Based Notifications
Drive higher ROI with location and time-based mobile wallet notifications

Program Adherence
Proactively notify patients when a prescription is due for refill, increasing lifetime value

Patient Education
Unlock a more active approach to wellness by providing patients with links to videos, prescription website, and other clinical content

Sensitive Messaging at Scale
Intimate knowledge and experience handling HIPAA/HITECH-sensitive messaging at scale for Fortune 100 healthcare clients

Established Best Practices
Our proven best practices in carrier program review deliver quick program setup, approval and speed-to-market

Secure Platform
Our Switchblade platform is built to protect sensitive customer information—encrypting all data at rest

Robust Workflow Toolset
Utilize opt-in/opt-out management as well as co-pay pre-qualification via SMS

Flexible Integrations
Utilize both simple, "IT light" options as well as deeper, custom integrations through web, API and file-based interfaces

Reporting and Dashboards
Gain real-time visibility into the effectiveness of coupon programs, while processor integrations enable analytics into program efficacy, adherence and demographics

Tier 1 Aggregator
Deliver high message volume globally with our direct carrier binds and proven performance—handling over 200 million healthcare notifications per year

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