Mobile Coupon Marketing Solutions
that Drives Lift and Loyalty

Mobilize Existing
Offers and Coupons

With 3C’s Switchblade™ mobile marketing platform, retailers have the ability to cut through the clutter of paper and email coupons to drive significant lift in customer lifetime value. Whether you’re issuing your own store discounts or CPG coupons, 3C enables mobile wallet, mobile web and mobile messaging to deliver targeted, contextually-aware coupons that align with your existing promotional efforts and won’t tie up valuable IT resources.

Retailer-Specific Mobile Coupon Marketing

Mobile Messaging Coupons
Issue targeted SMS and MMS coupons by an outbound broadcast or customer-initiated mobile engagement

Interactive Mobile Coupons
Increase conversion rates and coupon redemption by gamifying existing programs and offers with rich device gestures, such as scratch-off and shake-to-reveal.

Mobile Wallet Coupons
Establish a perpetual presence on your customer's device that allows you to update coupon details on the wallet object, ensuring customers have the latest offer

Mobile-Enabled CPG Coupon Accounts

Create Customer Accounts
Customers can create a mobile-enabled digital coupon account via mobile messaging—enabling them to add CPG coupons and save their new account to mobile wallet

Customers can text a CPG keyword to the retailer's short code to "clip" an offer to their mobile coupon account without going online or into the app

Ongoing Engagement
Take advantage of mobile engagements by prompting customers to opt-in to receive ongoing marketing messages to their device

Download our Mobile Coupon Handbook for more details of our mobile coupon solution


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