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Compliance Management and Security

From program design to program launch, 3C provides compliance management and security solutions so that your mobile marketing programs stay up and running.

Compliance Management and Security

Carriers and industry governing bodies have gone to great lengths to protect consumers and ensure that text message marketing is clear, honest and, most importantly, mindful of consumer rights. That’s where 3C comes in – we’ll work with you so that your mobile marketing campaign complies with even the toughest regulations.

3C has nearly a decade experience in helping some of the world’s best brands navigate strict carrier guidelines—as well as regular changes to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), PCI and HIPAA compliance. Let us handle the tough stuff so you can focus on what matters most— your customer.

3C Helped Write the Book on
Mobile Compliance Management

In addition to robust technology that keeps your mobile marketing efforts compliant, 3C’s compliance team is comprised of industry veterans who have held leadership positions with Tier 1 wireless carriers and industry associations, such as CTIA.

  • Fully-automated opt-in and opt-out management that satisfies TCPA consumer protection guidelines and optimizes your mobile opt-in base
  • Established best practices in carrier program review deliver quick campaign approval and speed-to-market
  • Integrated short code procurement and management eliminates the complications that could prevent your programs from running
  • Standard audit management support so that you are represented when carriers review your programs
  • Included compliance site creation and hosting Experience in managing online sweepstakes gives the flexibility in hosting these engaging campaigns
  • Proactive PCI and HIPAA auditing provides data security and reduces the risk of loss due to malicious attack
  • SMS-based opt-in management provides both single and double opt-in
  • Opt-in/out-out APIs integrate with existing web, voice and CRM systems to simplify consumer adoption of SMS campaigns
  • Group management enables multiple simultaneous relationships with your customers, enabling–customers to choose which types of communication they receive
  • Effective real-time filtering prevents consumers from receiving unwanted messages
  • Active monitoring uses carrier data to determine when users cancel their service–preventing new recipients of the same number from receiving unwanted messages
  • Number porting awareness responds to consumers who change carriers and automatically reroutes messages so that your customer receives your message

Extensive Experience in
Mobile Compliance Management

Across a Range of Wireless Carriers:

Compliance can be confusing. 3C’s extensive industry experience will help you understand the regulations, guidelines and industry best practices for mobile campaigns across a wide range of carriers, as well as the TCPA and those set forth by the CTIA, the MMA and the FCC.

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