Social Sharing Solutions that
Drive Customer Acquisition and Brand Advocacy

3C's Social Sharing Solutions drive customer acquisition, engagement and brand advocacy by enabling customers to share mobile moments via social media

Enable Customers to Share
Mobile Moments via Social

When it comes to promoting your products and services, there’s no source quite like social media and word-of-mouth marketing. According to Nielsen, 83% of consumers say they trust friend and family recommendations more than any other form of advertising, compared to just 47% who trust TV ads.

3C’s Social Sharing Solutions drive customer acquisition and brand loyalty by giving customers a frictionless experience for sharing their mobile moments with your brand via social media. Your customers love your brand. Amplify their voice with 3C’s Social Sharing capabilities.

Effective Social Sharing Capabilities,
Proven Technology and Expertise

Mobile Moments
Enable customers to share with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Email and more to drive app downloads, loyalty program signups, social followers and promotion awareness

Brand Ambassadors
Turn your most loyal customers into advocates with unique, sharable keywords and images that give your brand insight into who’s generating the most acquisitions

Cross-channel Integration
Drive social sharing across your digital marketing mix—including messaging, mobile wallet, web and email

Robust Annotation Engine
Create unique, sharable and trackable images for your customers to share over social media

Reporting and Dashboards
Gain insights into campaign efficacy and customer acquisition

Fully Managed Service
Let us take the pain out of designing and launching effective app download campaigns

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